The Loop – A Chicago Neighborhood for Active Seniors

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As the central business district of the Windy City, this Chicago neighborhood is full of action and energy. It’s easy to understand why active seniors love The Loop!

The Loop is the second-largest commercial business district in the US – trailing only Midtown Manhattan. But The Loop is so much more and it has a reputation for being one of the better places for active seniors to call home. 

The Loop – History

The history of the Chicago Loop dates back to the late 1800s. Despite the fact that it only encompasses an area of 1.58 square miles, it’s packed full of commercial and residential real estate, shopping, dining, and much more.

You’ll find the Chicago River to the west and north of the Loop, Lake Michigan on the east, and Roosevelt Road on the south. While these may be the formal boundaries of the community, its impact continues to spread into those in close proximity. 

Transportation: How to Get Around The Loop 

One thing you never have to worry about in the Loop is transportation. After all, its name comes from the transportation network that winds through it.

Passenger lines are located throughout the community, ensuring that you can get to where you’re going without delay. For example, the Metra is designed to get you to and from the Loop – as well as other parts of the city – with as little hassle as possible.

Also, the Chicago L services the area throughout the day, with the exception of the Yellow Line. For example, the Dearborn Street Subway and State Street Subway are accessible 24/7. 

For those with their own vehicle, the Loop is not the easiest community to navigate. However, once you’re familiar with its setup and the local roads, it becomes easier to plan your route to efficiently make your way around the area. 

Shopping in The Loop 

It may be home to some of the largest corporations in Chicago, but the Loop is also a hot spot for shopping. There are many shopping opportunities in a relatively compact area, with some of the best including:

  • Block 37
  • Roosevelt Collection Shops
  • The Shops at North Bridge

In addition to these collections of stores, there are many other independent shops in the Loop. Keep your eyes open and you’re sure to find a few new favorites. 


All those people who work in the Loop have to eat somewhere. And for that reason, this community is one of the best places to satisfy your appetite.

While you don’t want to sell yourself short by eating at the same places over and over, some restaurants have a reputation that continues to pull you back. Here are a few of the best:

Even though the Loop is best known for its fine dining restaurants, you’ll find many other types throughout the community and surrounding areas. Don’t be afraid to try something new, as there’s always another restaurant around the corner. 

Other Things to do in The Loop 


The Loop - Chicago Riverwalk

It’s a small community, but it’s big on attractions. For example, if you’re the type who enjoys spending a few hours at a local park, here are some options to consider:

  • Chicago Riverwalk
  • Grant Park
  • Maggie Daley Park
  • Millennium Park
  • Printer’s Row Park
  • Pritzker Park
  • Theodore Roosevelt Park

But that’s just the start. There are other attractions throughout the area, such as the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, the Loop Retail Historic District, and a variety of well-known arcades (for the kid in all of us!).

Events in The Loop 

There are events almost every day of the year in the Loop. Finding one that suits you is all about keeping an open mind. Here are just a few ideas that may pique your interest:

  • American Writers Museum Storytime
  • Panorama Latinx Short Film Showcase
  • Variety of shows at the Cadillac Palace Theatre

There are communities where events are sparse. And then there’s the Loop. If you want the option to keep a busy schedule – without having to travel far to find things to do – this community is a good choice. 

The Loop is a Safe Place For Seniors

Crime has no address but the Loop is one of your better options if safety is on your mind. It’s served by the 32nd Police District, along with a couple of neighborhood watch groups for greater peace of mind.

The numbers show that the majority of crimes in the community are property crimes, as opposed to the violent type. This doesn’t make it right, but it’s something to consider when comparing places to live. 

The Cost of Living in The Loop 

You’re not going to escape the high cost of living anywhere in Chicago. However, there are some communities where you can save a few dollars here and there. The Loop doesn’t necessarily fit this mold, but there are opportunities available to find something that fits into your budget.

According to Area Vibes, the cost of living in the Loop is among the highest in all of Chicago. 

Here’s how the costs break down by general categories:

Index*The Loop
Overall Cost of Living129
Goods and Services109
Health Care100

*This cost of living index is based on a national (US) average of 100. If the number you see is below 100, it’s below the national average. If the number is higher than 100, it’s above the national average.
Source: Area Vibes

If the Loop is on your shortlist of places to live, keep an open mind. You may have to compromise in some areas to ensure yourself of getting what you want in others. 

Senior Living Options in The Loop 

The Clare: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

As one of the only high-rise senior independent living communities in the area, The Clare is definitely worth a closer look. It’s located in the middle of all the action that Chicago has to offer, all while providing residents with a variety of services to make life easier in their older age. 

Senior Suites Central Station: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

“Senior Suites of Central Station allows you to live a more fulfilling lifestyle with the ease of maintenance-free living, security, and wellness programming.”

St Agnes Health Care & Rehabilitation Center: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

If a rehabilitation center is what you need, St Agnes Health Care & Rehabilitation Center is a good place to begin your search. From the services to the staff and everything in between, this facility is second to none in the local area. 

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