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Garfield Ridge Chicago Neighborhood

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Garfield Ridge is located in the Southwest side of Chicago, and is one of 77 official community areas of Chicago. Although it’s home to a diverse group of people, it’s known for being one of the best places for senior citizens to call home. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an active baby boomer looking to connect with others in your age group or someone looking to settle down quietly in a senior community, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in Garfield Ridge. 

Garfield Ridge History

Since day one, Garfield Ridge has been an important geographical community within Chicago. 

Not only is it one of the areas that currently borders Midway Airport, but until the year 1900 it contained the southernmost portion of Mud Lake, which was an ancient stream bed that was a significant part of the region for more than 3,000 years. 

Some of the bordering communities of Garfield Ridge include:

  • South Lawndale
  • West Elsdon
  • Archer Heights 
  • Clearing
  • Stickney
  • Forest View

Transportation: How to Get Around Garfield Ridge 

Transportation is an important point of consideration for any senior, especially one who is relocating to the Garfield Ridge area. 

Fortunately, when you live in a big city like Chicago, you have many options in regards to transportation. And that’s equally true in this neighborhood. 

CTA Bus Line

Garfield Ridge is served by the CTA’s Orange Line, with connections in the following areas:

  • 47 47th
  • 54B South Cicero
  • 55 Garfield
  • 55A 55th/Austin
  • 55N 55th/Narragansett
  • 59 59th/61st
  • 62H Archer/Harlem
  • N62 Archer
  • 63 63rd 
  • 63W West 63rd
  • 165 West 65th

Divvy Bike Sharing Program

What better way to stay in shape and see the sights than to ride a bike? With the help of the Divvy Bike Sharing Program, you don’t have to own a bike to take advantage of this mode of transportation.

Divvy bike sharing

All you have to do is grab a bike at a location station, pay $3.00 for 30 minutes or $15 for a full day, and hit the road. 

Some of the most easily accessible stations in Garfield Ridge include:

  • Garfield’s Beverage Express
  • Garfield Community Service Center
  • Garfield Park Fieldhouse
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Garfield Clarendon Central Railroad

Shopping in Garfield Ridge

When it comes to shopping in Garfield Ridge, you never have to look far. From grocery stores to shopping malls, there are a variety of options to choose from. 

Chicago Ridge Mall is the place to be for shopping, dining, cinema and much more. With over 120 stores and restaurants combined, you could spend hours on end at this mall without ever experiencing a fraction of what it has to offer.

There are also a variety of standalone stores in the area, with Target and Jewel-Osco popular among the senior population.


When it’s time to fill your stomach, get ready for more choices than you know what to do with. The Garfield Ridge area is home to hundreds of restaurants, ranging from fast food to casual to upscale dining.

Here are a few of our favorites (there’s something for everyone on this list and some offer discounts for seniors):

  • Sammy’s Kitchen
  • ASH gastropub
  • Capri Due
  • Bree Thai Restaurant
  • Three Sons Pancake House & Family Restaurant
  • Cafe Media Noche
  • Cafe Rosa

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you live in Garfield Ridge, your options are endless. 

Other Things Seniors Love About Garfield Ridge


For gamers, Galloping Ghost Arcade is a must-experience. Even if you think your gaming days are in the past, it’ll sure to bring you back to your younger days. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great way to spend time with your grandchildren.

Also, spend some time exploring Brookfield Zoo, which is only a short drive or public transit ride away from Garfield Ridge. Its layout allows you to easily and efficiently make your way around, visiting everything from the dolphin show to Tropic World and more. And best yet, you’ll qualify for a senior citizen discount! 

Garfield Ridge Events

It’s not the liveliest community in Chicago, but there are events every now and again that will pique your interest.

For example, the Chicago Public Library puts on many events in Garfield Ridge, such as:

  • Book discussions
  • Film screenings
  • Play days (perfect for when your grandchildren visit)
  • Hiring events (if you want to get back in the workforce)

Garfield Ridge is Safe for Seniors

Safety is a top consideration for any Chicago senior comparing communities. Even though the news is full of negative stories about crime in the city, Garfield Ridge is one of the safer places to call home. 

Garfield Ridge is part of the 56th Police District, and it also has one of the most active neighborhood watch groups (11 years and running).

What Does it Cost to Live in Garfield Ridge?

Chicago is known for many things, including its high cost of living. So, if you choose to live in Garfield Ridge, you can expect more of the same. However, the old saying “you get what you pay for” definitely holds true in regards to Chicago real estate and the city in general.

According to Area Vibes, the cost of living in Garfield Ridge is slightly lower than Chicago as a whole, with a score of 103 vs. 110. 

When compared to other popular communities for seniors in Chicago, such as Hyde Park, the cost of living in this neighborhood is much more competitive. 

Here’s how Garfield Ridge costs break down by general categories:

  • Overall Cost of Living: 103
  • Goods and Services: 109
  • Groceries: 104
  • Health Care: 100
  • Housing: 93
  • Transportation: 125
  • Utilities: Utilities

While the overall cost of living is higher than the national average, there are categories, such as housing, in which Garfield Ridge is extremely affordable. 

Note: This cost of living index is based on a national (US) average of 100. If the number you see is below 100, it’s below the national average. If the number is higher than 100, it’s above the national average.

Senior Living Options in Garfield Ridge

Midway Pointe Senior Living: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

Both luxurious and affordable, Midway Pointe Senior Living is a popular choice among senior citizens. It’s designed for independent seniors age 55 and older and comes with a variety of features and amenities, such as: club room, TV lounge, library, computer room, and dining area. With only 95 one and two bedroom units, don’t hesitate to take immediate action.

Senior Suites of Garfield Ridge: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

One of the most affordable options in the community, the Senior Suites of Garfield Ridge is a community for active seniors age 62 years or older. With a variety of floor plans and amenities, the units at the Senior Suites of Garfield Ridge don’t sit vacant for long. 

Symphony at Midway: For Additional Info call toll-free 866-311-0080

An excellent choice for any senior in Garfield Ridge who requires nursing and/or rehabilitative care. Symphony at Midway is a 249 bed nursing home facility known for its cleanliness, attention to detail, and a top notch staff. When you add this to its full range of rehab services, it remains a popular choice for seniors that require more advanced care. 

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