7 Chicago Parks That Seniors Love

chicago parks for seniors

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Chicago parks offer seniors a great opportunity to relax and explore. They include green spaces, walking paths, beautiful views, farms, and mini zoos. If you enjoy long walks in the park and seeing wild animals up close, this guide will help you plan some fun outings. 

Chicago Parks Seniors Love

Indian Boundary Park

This Chicago park is great to venture around in by yourself or with your family, as it has its own mini zoo, which houses farm animals, such as llamas and chickens. It is also great for kids as it has its own playground, including slides and tunnels for children to play in.

If you’re feeling sporty, you can play a game of tennis on one of four tennis courts in this great park. Another attraction in the Indian Boundary Park is its pond, which provides a serene setting.

All of this makes it one of the most action-packed parks in Chicago, with plenty to do for every member of the family.

Marquette Park

Totaling 323 acres of green space and pleasant fields, Marquette Park is the largest park in Chicago’s southwest side. It features various gardens, including a rose garden, some 500 newly planted trees. It is home to a few 9-hole golf courses (some of the cheapest in the whole of Chicago.)

Additionally, it has two gymnasiums, basketball courts, and a few multi-purpose fields, meaning there is plenty of physical activity and sport to get on with at Marquette Park. 

Garfield Park

Garfield Park is home to a conservatory which has stood for over a century and is home to plenty of plants and other greenery all year. 

If you visit this park, you must check out The Persian Pool. It consists of 16 yellow lily pads around a lagoon. It was created by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Millennium Park

Situated in Chicago’s loop community area, Millenium Park is probably the most visited Chicago park and popular tourist destination. It is also loved by locals who frequent the park. In fact, it is the city’s top tourist destination and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the United States, with over 20 million annual visitors. 

Millennium Park features numerous attractions, such as the Crown Fountain (a beautiful fountain and interactive artwork), Wrigley Square (home to the Millenium Monument), Chase Promenade (a tree-lined pedestrian walk path), and Nichols Bridgeway (a pedestrian bridge designed by Renzo Piano.)

Maggie Daley Park

This Chicago Park, situated in the loop community area, is close to the Lake Michigan shoreline.  Maggie Daley Park is home to several events and activities to partake in, including an Ice Skating Ribbon, a 3-acre Play Garden, a few tennis courts, mini-golf, Picnic Groves, and much more. 

This Chicago park is popular with area seniors. It has good wheelchair access and has various parking options in close proximity, including metered parking and garaged parking. 

Ping Tom Memorial Park

Chicago’s Ping Tom Memorial Park spans over 17 acres and is located on the south side of the city, in Chinatown, on the south bank of the Chicago River. The park is named after Ping Tom, a Chinese American businessman, and civic leader. 

This Chicago park was substantially expanded in 2002 and now boasts an abundance of beautiful green fields and the Ping Tom Memorial Park Fieldhouse, which houses a gymnasium and a natatorium, among other things. 

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a fantastic park to visit, by yourself or with your family. It is situated in Chicago’s North Side and features park houses, a lagoon, restaurants, and so much more. 

It is also home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free to enter and is one of the US’ oldest zoos. It features a conservatory and over 1,000 animals, including rhinos, tigers, penguins, camels, and apes.

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